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This is the "About Me", right?  So, I get to talk about myself.  I'm not too good at that.

I love to create.  Whatever it may be.  A great meal or dessert, a painting, a crocheted blanket, a photo to place in a frame, an organized space, it doesn't really matter.  If an idea pops into my head, I'm going to make it happen.  Party planning is another thing I enjoy doing.

I live in California and have for the past eight months.  I work at this little coffee shop you may have heard of called Starbucks.  I've been there for over four years.  Yeah, that's a long time.

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, so I still have that running through my blood and no matter how much I can try to deny it, it's still where my heart is.  I'll be a small-town girl till the day I die.

I live in a 2-bedroom condo with my grandma (I call her Nan), Shirlee, and her cute little Shih Tzu, Angel.  It's a cozy little place.  I've been able to create a little craft corner for my sewing machines and supplies.  However, a lot of my crafting happens at my computer desk in my room, or crocheting happens as I watch TV in the living room.

My family is number two in my life, only because my God is number one.  I love them, and love to spend time with them.  The women in my life have especially played a large role in molding me into the woman I am today.  And they help me with recipes, and honesty when I show them a craft project that may not be quite right.  And they're my biggest fans.

That's my big sis, Jessica, on the left- love her and miss her terribly- the top right is Nan and me- she's an awesome Grandma- and then there's my mama- she's the best I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world, she's my best friend, and always will be.
If you want to know my style, projects I plan to tackle, what inspires me, and what entertains me, check out my Pinterest page.

And I LOVE to laugh.  I mean, those times when you laugh and almost pee your pants kind of laughing.  I love that.  My sister and my cousin, Leah, are the best at making me laugh like that.  And it really is the best medicine for anything.

Well, that's pretty much me. I'm sure I'll confess more in some of my posts. Enjoy my blog! Contact me with questions and comment on the posts you like or that were helpful.

By the way!  The camera in the photo at the top is what I shoot with.
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