Friday, August 27, 2010

Soon to come

Right now all I want to do is blog, however, my bed is beckoning.  For another 3:30 am wake-up call awaits me tomorrow.  Oh, how I loathe you alarm clock.

Hence, why this post is entitled "soon to come."  I don't want you to think I forget about you, I just have to sleep.  So, my upcoming posts will be AMAZING, or at least I hope.

Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pizza on Whole Wheat crust.  I had to start with the food to make sure I had your attention.

Painting done by yours truly from old bedroom + twin duvet cover from old bed + batting and buttons = one sweet DIY headboard

Soon to be a really cute new cork board for my sister's home office.  I can't wait!

A refashioned $5 garage sale trunk...refashioned...again.  For the sitting room.

Some things to look forward to.  Try to keep up with me readers, whoever you are- if I have any.  And if I don't, too bad I'm writing to you any way.  And, now I'm off to bed.  Good night.

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