Monday, February 6, 2012

Antique Find of the Week

This past weekend- that flew by I might add- my best friend, Kristina, and her husband, Eric, came to visit from Tucson.  They came to visit for the Super Bowl.  Not that any of us were particularly cheering for anyone specific team, we just have watched the Super Bowl together for the past few years we lived in Tucson, so we decided they had to come here to visit us to watch it.

They arrived on Friday and we went to Old Town Temecula.  We went to a country club that we were not too impressed with to be honest.  The drinks were kind of weak and the food wasn't great.  We line danced and failed miserably.  Anyway, it was still fun.

Saturday we went to Dana Point Harbor and ate at Proud Mary's, which is my favorite place on the coast.  Then we headed down to San Clemente where my mom grew up.  It's kind of like another home for me because we used to visit quite a bit when we were kids.

Here are some of the yachts in Dana Point Harbor.  A lot are for sale anybody have $90, 000 laying around?!

The view walking down the street where we parked in San Clemente.  Love it here!

 Donyvan, Mom, Eric, and Kristina with San Clemente in the background.

 It was a gorgeous day!

Then after we walked on the beach we went to a street called Del Mar- it's lined with shops and restaurants.  And I found an antique store that only Kristina would go in with me.  She found a camera that was cute then she led me over to another set up cameras and I found this little beauty.  I love it!  It was a little steep in price, but I couldn't resist.  It's from 1926. 

This week I probably won't be going to any antique stores- just because I need to cut back on my spending :)  However, I did get a little something from the IRS, so there will be a new additiong to my sewing table (that is non-existent right now).

Have a good week friends!
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