Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Vintage Jello Mold Catch-All

My cousin, Leah, and her friend and roommate, Stephanie, came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we went to breakfast then to the Crazy Daisy Antique Mall.

{Taken with Instagram}

It's a really cool place!  I actually went there a few days before then and bought a table and bar cart (stay tuned for photos).

When with Leah, I got these cute little jello molds.

Metal Punch

Set your tins in the pattern you want them and mark where to punch your holes to attach them.

I was going to use jump rings, and you can, but then I decided to just use some thin wire and wrapped it like this:

I laid mine out ina six-sided shape.

Now it's my catch-all for all things metal- safety pins, decorative keys, alligator hair clips, pin backs, and ring bases.

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