Thursday, October 28, 2010


I just want to check in and make sure you all haven't forgotten about me.

I plan to bake this evening.  Some Vegan Pumpkin Bread for my boss, David- recipe compliments of Joy The Baker- and some Pumpkin Pop-Tarts with Maple Glaze, also from Joy.  Then tomorrow evening I plan to make some S'mores Brownies from Joy, as well.  Are you noticing a pattern??  Yes, I do in fact stalk Joy The Baker.  If she only knew, right?  She just has the best recipes.  And interesting stuff, too.  It's not your mom's brownies, or your grandma's cookies.  They're original and AMAZING!

So, I just had to put this little post in to make sure you guys are still with me.  I'll be posting probably tonight when I should be in bed.

We had a Southern BBQ over the weekend and I didn't take any pictures of the food I made, so sorry.  I made some peach cobbler, which was fashioned after this, and a couple of these Flat Apple Pies.

Here's a picture of my friend, Belinda, and I at the party.

I have to add another reason why I've been away:  I've been exhausted lately and it's because my thyroid is on the fritz.  I had a blood test last week and once the doctor read it, he said I have to go on medicine to kick in back into gear.  So, let's hope that the medicine will kick in soon and I can get back to my old self.

Well, that's all for now.  I'll be back later to tempt you with yummy pumpkin recipes.

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