Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I made this necklace a while ago.  Then I got the jewelry-making bug.

And I happened to have a couple more rolled roses that I made.

This was the first necklace in my "latest series."  The earrings came a little later.

A friend of mine makes jewelry and gets "Bead Style" magazine on a regular basis, and after hearing that I've been making some jewelry of my own she let me borrow some of the issues.  I found a few things I wanted to make myself.  This necklace was the first I made.

I LOVE it!

This a version of another one I found in the magazine.  I got all the jewels together at Michaels.  Then I got the chain to match.  Of course since I had extra jewels I made some earrings.

The focal, I guess you would call it, was a brooch that I cut the pin off of.  Then I had chain leftover and I made this bracelet.

This was probably the simplest but not the easiest I don't think.  I just put the heart on the chain but the crystals hanging from it were kind of a pain the butt because it was pretty tedious.  But it was worth it.

You can buy one of these here.

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