Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fabric-Covered Message Board {Tutorial}

I just recently bought a new desk for my computer and crafts.  The desk is an antique writing desk and has a large piece that goes on top that has two shelves, however my monitor is quite large and so my mom and I took one of the shelves off.  Except now I have this large open space and it's kind of irritating me.  And the wall that the desk is against had a large corkboard on it.  So, lost that because I don't have any other wall to put it on.

I started to think about making a message board and this sort of thing came to mind...

Well something like the above seemed like a lot of work, so I had these two cake rounds from a DIY cupcake stand.  And of course I have a ton of fabric and ribbon. 

Pretty sweet!

Fabric-Covered Message Board
What you'll need:
Fabric (at least a 17"x18" piece)
Cake rounds (I used 2 and 14" size you can use what you want, but be sure to change to size of the piece of fabric)
Fabric button cover kit
Spray glue
Scissors (obviously)

Since I used two cake rounds I sprayed one and placed the other on top of it.

Lay your fabric on top to make sure you glue it on straight.

Start at one side and spray the cake round (make sure you go a little at a time, if you do it all at once you're more likely to have a lot of wrinkles or it may be crooked)

Smooth the fabric down as you go.

Turn the fabric-covered board over and trim the edges.

Then make a cut every 1-2 inches all around the circle.

Spray the back with glue (do just a little at a time) and press the strips of fabric onto the board.

Your hands will be sticky and this will happen :)

The cake round I used was 14".  I decided to cut my ribbon 2" longer than the cake round is wide.

Lay the ribbon out to make sure you are good with the placement.

Spray the back of the board just where the ribbon needs to be glued down.  (The back is going to be sticky- you can let it dry overnight before you go on if need be.)

Follow the instructions on the fabric button cover kit and make yourself a few buttons.

It may seem kind of odd but I decided to sew my buttons on.  So, grab some thread and a thick needle to sew the button unto cardboard.

Now, for hanging the board I love these new Command picture hangers.  I just used two sets since the board is so light.

One set on top and one set on bottom.


No more bare "wall" at the back of my desk!

Make your own and let me know how it goes!
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