Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've been busy!

A few of the main reasons I haven't been blogging:

  • work- I work all kinds of weird hours- one day I can work at 4:30 am and the next at 2 pm until 9:30 pm, and somtimes back the next day at 4:30 am, yeah it's not cool.  So, needless to say when I get home I'm tired, and just feel like chilling not crafting or cooking :(

  • Pinterest- this site is so ridiculously addicting that it takes up all my time on the net, and therefore I forget about my blog

  • vacationing- a good excuse in my opinion.  I went to Disneyland and LA with my two BFFs from Arizona.  Then my dad came to visit me from Ohio.  It was a fun week with a couple of days of work in there.
Red dot: work, blue dot: home, and yellow dot: my sister and brother-in-law's house.
  • the biggest announcement... I'M MOVING!- to Louisville, KY.  So, much of my Pinterest surfing has been decorating my new apartment.  I've been arranging a place to live and a new store.  (there will be another post on this soon)
So, those are my excuses, but all very good reasons, I think.  I plan to get back into blogging when I move.  I will have more space to spread out and work on projects.  But, that's a couple of months, so in the meantime bare with me :)
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