Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Dad's Doll

My dad, Tom, is the coolest dad.  He and my mom divorced when I was about four, but he always made it a priority to spend time with us on Wednesday nights and weekends.  Since then, my sister and I have tried to stay close to him even though we don't all live in the same town anymore.

(Yes, I look just like him)

Well, my step-mom sent me a package the other day and sent me some things that were my grandma's and she sent me my dad's doll from when he was a little guy.

Yeah, he's not the cutest doll.  But, for being 60 or more years old he looks pretty good to me.  His name is Stevie.  And was made by my great-great grandmother (my grandma's grandma).  I'm glad to have him.  I hope I have kids one day and I can display him in their room.  Right now, I think he's going to go into my "hope chest" with the other items until I have a home for them.

** My great-great grandma had some serious crochet skills :)
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