Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Living Room Craft Nook

I posted a photo collage of some of the things I had made for my craft nook.  I had to give you a little sneek peak of what was to come.  Well, now it's all finished!

The table on the left is dedicated to Nan's scrapbooking, which she frequently uses. 

Then on the right are my sewing things.  I have a Serger and sewing machine. 

Then the cart on the right I got from Ikea and it has all of my fabric wrapped around cardboard to make it look like the bolts of fabric found in the stores (and it's a lot easier to find stuff). 

The boxes under the table on the right have paint, ribbon spools, and other odds and ends. 

Then there's the cake tin stand I made

And on the left side of the table is the lamp I made

On the shelf above the table are jars full of buttons as well as the bottles I wrapped with yarn

Then there's the tie rack I repurposed into a spool rack. 

And the embroidery hoops with various fabrics.  And the "S" is all buttons, and appropriate since my name is Sarah and Nan's is Shirlee.

I think that's it.  I haven't sat there in a while, since I've been making a lot of crocheted baby items, which I can make watching TV.  But I will get back to it sometime.
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