Monday, April 30, 2012

Can't Resist Antiques

Usually every week I have Thursdays off of work.  And most of them I spend at home doing nothing.  Well, this last Thursday, like some in the past, I decided I needed a day out- a day antique shopping.  Despite not having much money I headed to the best, and largest, antique store in Temecula "Granny's Attic."  I LOVE that store!  It's so huge I could spend all day there (and almost did).  I had to pull myself away after about two hours.  I had been going in just about every booth until I realized I juat had to get out of there before I spent too much money I didn't have, and I started to go into the booths that were having sales.  Yes, I am even frugal when antique shopping.  So, here's what I found:

I also bought a large wooden spool (I had displayed it already at my crafting corner and forgot to include it in the photo).

How, much do you think I spent?

$30, $40?

Nope, $18!  See, it pays off to look for sales.  A good time to go is right before or after any holiday when they want to make room for new inventory, or before Spring or Summer or Fall.  This time I hit some Spring sales.  Look for signs!  And make sure what you pick up has the same booth number as the one on the sale sign!

The milk bottle and Hershey tins have new uses:

Just a head's up: I work at night a lot, so most of my photos are kind of dark because I do a lot of my blogging and crafting at night.  Not ideal, but it works...most of the time.

Anyway, go buy some antiques.  Fill your home with things that have a story and a previous life.  And support local businesses!

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