Friday, June 29, 2012

Future Project Friday: TP Flowers

Sorry guys, that I missed last Friday.  Busy, busy. 

Outlined in red is the Project featured today.  The one on my board takes you here.

Here's my tutorial:

TP Flower Tutorial

empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
glue gun and glue
styrafoam balls

I cut each of the balls in half.

Then I measured each roll to make 1 inch pieces.

It's ok if you bend them as you cut.

Lots of petals!

Now, wrap the half styrafoam balls with the yarn.  *note: these will not lay flat, if you need them to*

Wrapped up!

Now, put some glue at about the bottom of each petal.

Put them together.  *note: the closer the the bottom of each petal that you glue them together the smaller the center of your flower will be, i.e. I glued mine about 1/2 inch from the bottom and they made a bigger flower.*

There you have it!

The display in my bathroom above my hand towel bar and toilet.

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