Monday, July 2, 2012

Cupcake Decorating Party

In a little more than a week I'm going to be having a Cupcake Decorating Party for several little girls.  It's not celebrating anything special, just a party for girls only.  I've been searching on Pinterest for different ideas.  Here's what I've found:

I love the first party, so cute.  And the second is a class but gives me ideas for layout on the table.

I'm going to have the girls make their own stand for their cupcakes too.  Then we'll decorate chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  Don't judge me, but I plan to buy some frosting.  I'm just not the best at making it, and don't have a lot of time to practice beforehand.  I am going to make the cupcakes.

Found some edible glitter and homemade sprinkles on Pinterest.

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{instructions here}

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I'm also going to make some little favors for the girls with some hair flowers I've made, and maybe some little lip glosses or something.

I made these invitations:

So, the decorations are going to be colorful and fun.

I can't wait.  I'll be sure to post photos of the girls and I hope they all have fun, I know I will.

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