Saturday, January 21, 2012

Antique Finds of the Week

Nan and I went Antique shopping the other day.  I was setting out looking for a few things specific: some cool glass bottles and a globe.  The glass bottles are for a project that will be in our foyer.  And the globe is just to add to my travel corner of my room.  The first store we went to was so expensive, I believe that because it's in Old Town Temecula where there are tons of tourists that they can jack their prices up kind of high.  So, we didn't buy anything.  Then we went to Granny's Attic (the 30,000 sq ft of antiques, oh yeah).  There the prices are better, or at least if they're high in one booth just keep walking and you might find the same thing in another booth for a lot less.

I didn't find any bottles that I couldn't live without, but I found a GLOBE!

It even has a little rust on the base to make it look pretty cool!  I love it.  I was thinking of writing something on it like I've seen some people do, but I'm not too sure yet.

Then I was supposed to go to some estate sales with Nan and my mom yesterday, but I wasn't feeling well.  However they found some good stuff in my absense.  My mom bought these two cameras.

 This is a Brownie No. 2.  They were made in 1931.  I believe it's from the UK or Canada, I couldn't find any information on one from the US.

This is a Brownie Hawkeye, which is the camera Nan had when my mom was little.  My mom remembers getting her picture taken with it.  Nan is going to search for some photos she took with it.  This one was made betweeen 1949 and 1961.

Those are the finds of the week.  Stayed tuned to see what I find next week!
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