Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A List

The other day I decided I needed a list to tackle all the prjects I have running through my head.  I admit that I'm a little ADD and have a hard time staying focused on one project before moving onto the next project without finishing the first.  It's annoying to say the least.  Keep in mind, though, that this list is just a project list and not a life list.  If I added these to my life list it would be long, and would therefore scare me :)

I even dated the list so maybe it will help me get everything done in a timely manner.  We shall see.

 I did list all of these hand warmers in my Etsy store.  And I will be adding more soon.

For my new wreath I tried to make a wreath form out of foam pipe insulation that you can buy really cheap at Home Depot, but that didn't work, so I took this old wreath apart.  I like this wreath but it covered the peep hole on our front door- not good.  So I took off the gray pieces and the little sparkly twigs and made this...

I watched the movie "Larry Crowne" while I wrapped the wreath in yarn and it took almost the entire movie to finish wrapping it.  That's a long process.  Then I made the flowers from felt and put them on clips so they come off easy and I can use the wreath for other things too.  And look the peep hole!

Anyway, take a gander at my Etsy store and see if anything jumps out at you.  

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  1. I am disappointed that the foam pipe didn't work out for the wreath. I had seen that too and I wanted to try it. Did it break or just didn't look round?

  2. It won't make a circle, it bends and it's really annoying. The first time I cut it it was too short. Then I didn't have duct tape to close it. I will probably try again because wreaths are expensive.