Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Necklace Display

I made this (well, partly) a while ago when I needed something to display some necklaces I made for a jewelry party my friend Tennessa had.  Basically, then I put the hooks on the inside of the frame.  But then when we moved into our new place in California I decided to put it up in my bathroom, however I had to fix it.

First I had to dig out my white paint from the numerous boxes I still hadn't unpacked.

These are the hooks I put on when I used it the first time.

I painted the outside edge white, so that it would look like I bought a brand-new canvas for the project.  Very thrifty of me :)

See?  Looks like new.

I used some Command picture-hanging strips to hang it at first then it fell down (with all the jewelry on it) so I had to just put a screw in the middle at the top.

All my long necklaces (except the ones that I have made) fit nicely.  Then I made one for Nan and she bought some ribbon to go about the canvas on the part where it's stapled to the frame.  Hers looks pretty cute.

Anyway, there's my recycled canvas necklace display.
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  1. Look at you, posting regularly on your blog! I like the backwards frame idea. Very nice job!