Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY Kindle Touch Sleeve

I recently bought a Kindle Touch.  I love it.  I've never been a big reader until recently (no, not just because I bought the Kindle).  I mostly have classics on my Kindle right now, like Jane Austen novels, Sherlock Holmes, Legends of King Arthur.  I also have a couple of others.  I love that  you can download samples and read a few chapters before you buy the book.  If you don't have a Kindle, check them out.  You can get one for as little as $79.

Anyway, I made this cute sleeve for my Kindle.  I sewed it by hand because my sewing machine is put away and there's just no room to set it up in our condo right now.

I don't have an exact tutorial, but it's really easy without one.

Cut two pieces of felt about 1/4" (if you're going to sew this with a sewing machine you may need a 1/2" for more of a seam allowance) wider and longer than your Kindle (or iPad, phone, camera- it could work for anything). Then sew together all the edges except the top.  Cut a 3" x 1" strip of another colored felt.  Then cute four circles of felt (getting progressively smaller).  Center the strip of felt in the middle on one side the opening.  Sew the strip so when you close it you won't see the seam (does that make sense?) Then sew a button onto the pouch and cut a slip in the flap to go around the button.  Then sew on your circles with a small crossing stitch in the middle.

I hope that made sense.  If you need some more details or better photos send a message.

Try to make yourself one and let me know how it goes!
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