Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disappearing Banana Bread

I have to apologize for the fact that it seems to take me a while to post.  I sometimes will start a post and my computer will have a little...issue, I guess.  Then I get frustrated because it's late, so then I just go to bed.  And, yes, I will get busy and forget about my blog.  But the good news is that I return to you.  Don't worry, I can't forget about you.

We suddenly collected this increasing pile of old bananas in our kitchen.  So, what else am I gonna do but make banana bread, right?!

For a banana bread recipe where else can I turn, but the good old trusty Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.

I had to double the recipe with all the bananas I had.

After heating up the oven, I grease the pan and I am super lazy,so it gets sprayed with canola oil :)

Mix all the dry ingredients and make a nice little well in the middle of the mix.  Another recipe that makes you use two different bowls.

Pile of nanners LOL

The potato masher was quite handy for this part.

Mix all the wet ingredients with the bananas and the sugar.

Pour the wet ingredients into the middle of your dry ingredient well.

Give everything a good stir.  And a note to Better Homes and Gardens: When you make someone who just had surgery a couple weeks ago stir by hand it kind of hurts a little, well mostly the muscles I haven't used in a LONG time.

Pour the batter into your loaf pans.  Yes, one is the Mama and one is the Baby LOL

Now, it's streusel time.  Mix flour, brown suga, and butta (sorry couldn't help the southern twang comin' out)

Mash the sugar, flour, and butter together in a small bowl.

Then cover the top of your pre-baked bread with the struesel.  I had a lot so every inch was covered and I still had some left over.

Look at that!  Now, your kitchen smells like bananas.  Trust me this loaf will not last long.  Hence the name of this post.  The smaller pan I showed in the pictures above, The Chad took to work and the guys ate just about the whole pan.  Then the larger one stayed at home and lasted about two days.  It was amazing.  Especially, the struesel.  We all agreed that made the bread much better.

Don't forget I had to double the recipe.  So, when you make it according to the Better Homes and Gardens recipe it will probably make one large loaf.

Make some...and invite me over.  I'll help you finish it off without any problem.

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