Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wonder Hangers

I have a tiny closet.  After having a walk-in closet I could fit all my clothes in and a dresser.  I have a tiny closet.

I fit all my shoes in there in a couple different ways.  I have a crate full of sandals- mostly flip-flops, a shoe rack full of dress shoes, and a few pairs of tennis shoes on the floor.

I also have a crate full of purses.

Then some other little things on the floor.

I also put up a set of tie hooks on the wall by the shelf to hang all my necklaces and bracelets on.  I put a hook up for my belts.  I don't have anything to put my earrings on yet, but I'll find something.

My clothes would not fit on the rod.  They were crammed in.  Clothes don't like to be crammed.

Because I have a love for infomercials I saw the "Wonder Hangers" one time and I had to have them for this situation.

They were only $10 and you get 8 of them!

I forgot to take a before picture, but trust me it was crammed and I couldn't even get to my stuff.

Now, my OCD would not just let me put whatever on each hanger.  I put my skirts on two of them, jeans on one, dress pants on one, work shirts on another, and tank tops and a few sweaters on others.  Then the rest of my shirts and dresses I just kept on the rack.

If you need space in a small closet and can't afford built-ins and such, I highly recommend these.

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