Saturday, September 11, 2010

Keeping Busy

Today I almost left the house, but the destination was a picnic with a lot of people and in the crazy heat.  So, I decided to stay home.  I'm not one that enjoys being the center of attention, especially when it's a bunch of people asking how I am.  Plus I still have my stitches in and I don't want to show everyone.

I've watched all 3 "Indiana Jones" movies and now I'm on the older episodes of "Star Wars."  I've watched romance movies, comedies, TV episodes, ugh I'm bored.  And I'm pretty sure I have ADD because I can't just do one thing.

This is a blanket I'm working on.  I crochet; I tried knitting and I just can't get it.

Soon to be a scarf I'm making for my friend, April.  She's coming to visit this Wednesday, so I have to finish it by then.

This book is sooo good.  I highly recommend it, especially if you like Jane Austen.  It's like Jane Austen meets Mary Higgins Clark.

I set up a sewing table out in our soon-to-be-sitting room.  I will soon have a "crafting closet," I call it, in the guest room.  It's a walk-in closet, so I'm going to put in a writing desk and do my best to make it an organizers dream.  But, for now I have to use what space I can.

I set up my computer right next to the sewing machine so if I'm working on something and I need to check the tutorial often it's right there next to me.  And yes, I have my trusty Starbucks cup, and headphones to listen to music on my computer.

This is what I made tonight.  A laptop sleeve intended for Jessica's larger laptop, but it didn't fit :(  I'm bad with measurements.  For being my first sewing project on my new sewing machine, I think I did a pretty good job.

I put pink felt on the inside, for some extra protection.

No, I don't like pink, I don't know what you're talking about :)  The tablecloth was not on purpose, I actually got them for a wedding shower and my friend was doing pink.  And the sleeve was not intended for me, although the one I have for my pink laptop is in fact pink.

This has to be my favorite part.  It's a darker pink color, by the way.  It looks kind of red on here.  I got to use the nifty buttonhole stitching feature on my sewing machine and it took a couple (ok, like four) tries, but I got it just about right.

For the full tutorial in the laptop sleeve, go here.

I think I'm gonna make a sleeve for my cell phone.  Maybe tomorrow...or maybe the next day.  I need to rest more.  Like everyone tells me to.

Well, my meds are kicking in now, so I'm off to bed.
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