Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jessica’s Office & a Fabric Cork Board Before & After

My sister has a home office for her photography business and we're trying to decorate it in the most DIY and hand-me-down stuff we can.

Her desk was my mom's desk that my sister bought from her then my mom painted it white for Jessica's office.

Her desk chair was a hand-me-down from me.  I had it when I lived with my parents, but now I have no room for it, so it got passed on.

There's a corner cabinet that I also passed on to her.  Eventually, it's going to be painted the same color as the desk and some different hardware put on it.

These shelves came all the way from West Virginia.  They were going to be put up in their last apartment, but now they've found the perfect home.

I also handed down this lamp.  They had it in their apartment too.  Yeah, it's a little dusty :)

A love seat for clients to sit on, purchased on Craigslist (and another place for Chad to fall asleep at 7pm).  And a pillow bought at Target.

Zorro is something old, and will never go out of style.  He is always in the office and even sleeps on the desk next to Jessica.

Now let's get to the whole purpose for this post.  The cork board.  Another hand-me-down.  I think the cork board has come all the way from Ohio with my parents.  Now, it's Jessica's.  She bought the fabric at a local fabric store.



This project was really easy.  I sprayed the cork board with spray adhesive then spread the fabric over it.  The glue is really sticky, so I recommend doing it a little at a time.  Then I had fabric hanging over the sides so I trimmed it then used a flathead screwdriver to push it under the frame.  I know it would have been easier to take the frame off and wrap the cork, but NO it couldn't be that easy.

The board will be hanging on Jessica's wall before too long.  I think it's going to look really good.

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