Friday, September 17, 2010

Rolled Rose Necklace Tutorial

The other day I found this rolled rose tutorial, so I decided to make some of my own.  I just wanted to see if I could do it.  And now I am OBSESSED.  I will probably be making a lot of them.

After making about ten rolled fabric roses, I sewed some onto a plain t-shirt for my sister then I decided to make a necklace with some of them.

I bought the chain and the metal loops at Michael's.

The chain comes in one big loop, so you have to cut either end.  And it's enough to make two necklaces.

Here's the two pieces (thanks capt. obvious lol)

Here are the three roses for the first necklace.

I lined them up first how I wanted them to look on the necklace then I sewed them together at the back just on the edge.

Here are all three sewn together.

Then sew a loop on the end of the two end flowers.  I don't know why I used black on an ivory-colored flower.  I'm sure it looks ghetto, but oh well.

Then put a metal loop through each of the sewn loops.

Hook the chain through the metal loop.  Then close the loop.

Tada!  There it is.  You'll have to measure how long you want the chain to be then add a clasp to the end as well.  I didn't get a clasp because a friend of mine makes jewelry for a living and I want to go through her clasps to see what she has so I don't have to buy one.  I know I'm cheap.  I'll add a post about adding that when I get a clasp.

I had Jessica model it for me.  Without a clasp I just kind of hung it on her.

I made this one too.  I can't tell you which one I like better.  I love the colors in both.  I love pink too, so I'm a little partial to this one.

My sister bought this shirt for $5, so she asked if I could spruce it up a little.  I made her some rolled roses and sewed them on.  It looks so CUTE!

She said she can't wait to wear it.  I wasn't quite sure how the colors would work but I think they look good.

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